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Private Instruction by appointment  Mondays
Henson’s Music
301 S.  “A” Street
Oxnard, CA   48MUSIC – 486-8742
Private Instruction by appointment
Home Studio, Ventura, CA
Home: 805.647.0453   Cell: 805.830.3047
Email: carlosguitar@yahoo.com
Private Instruction by Appointment - Thursday
From 2-6pm
House of Magic
5353 Walker Street
Ventura, CA,

My Comments on Instruction
I have had the opportunity to encourage and teach thousands of students to learn music and play the guitar.  I am always willing to share my knowledge of music with others.  Over the past thirty years, I have played an intricate role in the lives of many students both as a mentor and a teacher.

It has been commented by my students that I am an extremely patient teacher both in classroom instruction and private lessons.  I have always been willing to take all the time necessary to help students understand new concepts dealing with music.

Problem areas may have to do with playing techniques, rhythms, standard music notation, or interpretation.  Whatever the areas might be I am able to explain the answers in simple and clear terms. Over the past three decades I have had the opportunity to communicate and demonstrate how to learn this complex instrument. I compare learning to read music as to learning to read, write, and speak a new language.  As with any new language one must practice it.  Music certainly requires practice. My recommendation is to practice at least one hour a day to start.  In the early stages of learning one can begin by practicing 20 minute intervals, gradually increasing your time to one hour.  For the more serious students of music my recommendation is to practice at least three hours or more daily.  Here is brief example of my own practice routine.  I divide my practice time into three different sessions.
1. Technical exercises: 
Chromatic scales
Major and minor scales (all keys)
Scales in 3rd’s octaves and 10th’s
Slurs, trills, and ornaments
Chord and stretch patterns
120 daily right hand studies..Giuliani
Tremelo exercises
Barre exercises
2. Review old repertoire
Go over old pieces with printed music
Check for wrong notes, fingering, rhythms,

3. Develope new music
Sight read new material
Memorize new music

Typically a productive day of concentrated practice would take approximately five to six hours.  Other days with less time to practice can also be productive.  If one is able to zone in on the task at hand, one can get a lot out of a shorter practice day, this takes more experience and intuition on one’s ability as a musician.

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Comments by Carlos
Playing the guitar should always be enjoyable.  Creating beautiful music on this very challenging instrument is extremely rewarding for the player as well as the listener.

I would like to encourage anyone who wishes to learn music for the first time, to give it a try.  For those players that have had the opportunity to develop their abilities, keep exploring, discovering new concepts, and techniques.  The guitar is a world to it’s own, practice with enthusiasm, the rewards are endless.

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